Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

A Golden Charter plan will bring you peace of mind.

Consideration for others is the most frequent reason for buying a Golden Charter funeral plan. With Golden Charter you know that your loved ones will be spared some of the burden of bereavement. You'll have specified every detail of the funeral in advance, selected the funeral director and made provision for the costs.

A Golden Charter plan covers all your independent funeral director's services

Once you've paid for your Golden Charter plan, you can be sure that neither your loves ones nor your estate will be asked for a penny more for the services within the control of your funeral director – no matter how much these costs may rise in years to come.

Your payment will be held in an independent trust fund

Your payment will go directly to the Golden Charter Trust , which will hold the money for your funeral on behalf of participating funeral directors. This is why your funeral director is able to provide a legally binding contract, guaranteeing that your selected arrangements will be carried out when required.

The Trust Fund is a legally separate entity from Golden Charter. In the unlikely event of something untoward affecting the company, the Fund would continue until every plan has been carried out.